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Information for Healthcare Professionals

Living kidney transplants have been performed in Scotland since 1960 and currently around 100 such operations are performed each year with a very high success rate.

There are two types of living kidney donation:

Directed Donation

People are who are close to the person in need of a kidney, such as a family member, partner or a good friend.

Non-directed Altruistic Donation

People who donate to someone they don't know on the transplant list.

In March 2009, the first altruistic donor in Scotland gave a kidney to someone they did not know. Since 2006, 78 people in Scotland have donated one of their kidneys to a stranger.

Living Kidney Donation and Transplantation Information for Healthcare Professionals

A Living Kidney Donation and Transplation Information Pack has been developed to provide healthcare professionals with a detailed overview of the process in Scotland.


All potential donors should be referred to the renal and transplant teams in the first instance as each donor is considered within guidelines that are continually re-evaluated.

Early referral of recipients increases opportunity of pre-emptive living donor transplantation.

Living Kidney Donation Factsheets

NHS Blood and Transplant has produced the following factsheets:

Living Kidney Donation and Raising the subject with family and friends
Living Kidney Donation and other medical matters
Living Kidney Donation and Psychological Aspects
Living Kidney Donation, Pregnancy and Fertility