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Why are more donors needed?

Every year hundreds of people die while waiting for an organ transplant because there is a shortage of organ donors. There are a number of reasons for this. The kind of illnesses that can result in organ failure, like kidney disease and heart disease, are on the increase. And it’s now possible for more people than ever before to have and survive a transplant operation thanks to advances in medical science.

Less than one per cent of deaths in Scotland occur in circumstances where the person is able to donate their organs.  Organs have to be transplanted very soon after someone has died and they can only be donated in specific circumstances by someone who has died in hospital.  Usually organs come from people who are certified dead while on a ventilator in a hospital intensive care unit, and the numbers of people dying in these circumstances is falling.

So, the more people that register, the more likely someone will be able to get the life-changing transplant they are desperately waiting for.  Every registration and every family conversation about organ donation wishes could potentially save a life and give hope to the 580 people in Scotland who are currently waiting. Please consider joining the NHS Organ Donor Register today and share your wishes with your family. Together we can save more lives.